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1189 65th Street Oakland, CA 94608

Lapitec® Italian Luxury

Conveying sophistication at the same time as expressing an aesthetic dimension that is perfect for demanding lifestyles.
Lapitec®offers attention to detail, exclusivity and the meticulous sophistication of modern elegance – a premium choice. Lapitec® is a natural alternative to marble and is able to adapt to changing architectural and interior design requirements, providing otherwise impossible application solutions.

In fact, Lapitec®a mineral material that is 100% natural – is the world’s only certified sintered stone, a popular choice among designers to reinterpret cladding, paving, spa areas, swimming pools, kitchen worktops, yachts and bathrooms. Lapitec® is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to experience their surroundings in the best way possible.


Unique sintered stone

A revolutionary material with unique qualities, as can be seen through its 25 registered patents. Lapitec is the world’s only sintered stone: a timeless surface made from a selected mixture of natural and incredibly pure minerals, ideal for adding a touch of charm to any environment.


Lapitec’s appearance is based on one of the most noble and sophisticated materials in the world of architecture, art and design. It takes its beauty from marble, becoming a synonym of luxury and prestige: mineral powders becoming works of art. Lapitec combines the elegance of marble with the solidity and resistance of sintered stone, creating a new and revolutionary material. A material that we can define as the alternative to marble par excellence.

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