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We have installed hundreds of butcher block, natural wood counters. We offer a wide variety of wood species in various thicknesses and styles. All our woods come in their natural colors without stains or dyes, and are finished with food safe oil. We have installed butcher block tops as parts of larger installations, typically as island tops, or as sections of work tops connected to other counter materials.  Butcher block islands make great accents to natural stone and quartz.  They can add a much needed element of warmth.  On occasion we have installations using butcher block for the entire kitchen countertop surface.

Everyone considering butcher block has the same questions, so I will attempt to address the most frequently asked:

Does the wood require additional maintenance?  Yes, of course it does.  Almost all of our wood is finished with mineral or linseed oil, and will need to be re-oiled on an occasional basis.  We will provide written instructions.

Can I cut on my butcher block?  Yes, but why would you, anymore than you would cut on any fine wood furniture in your home?  If you do cut on the top, you will leave knife marks.  We provide a free chopping block with every installation to do your cutting on.  This leaves the knife marks on the chopping block, which is small enough to be taken to a sink to be washed with soap and water.  Over time, it is inevitable that small scratches and dings will appear on your top.  They can be hidden by re-oiling the surface, or if that is not enough, the tops can be re-sanded.

Will the butcher block stain?  Yes, it can stain.  We recommend wiping up spills.

Can a sink be installed in the wood counter and will the countertop be damaged by water?  Almost every installation we do has a sink fitted into it.  Water is the problematic issue with wood countertops.  It is always recommended that you wipe up standing water and avoid allowing water to dry out on the countertop.  Keep your top especially well oiled at the sink area.

Can the counter top be burned?  Yes, of course, but using a trivet will prevent this.

Let me finish by saying, our wood clients are not calling to express regret in their purchases.  On the contrary, if we do hear from them, they like or love their tops! There are web sites you can visit where people discuss the merits and issues associated with purchasing and maintaining butcher block tops.

Tom Sullivan