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Diresco quartz composite is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins and colour pigments. Brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hardwearing, sustainable product. Our team of experts has bonded these natural ingredients via a unique scientific production process; one that Diresco has perfected over the years. Our exhaustive research efforts have resulted in an incredibly strong material that is comparable to diamond.

Why choose Diresco?

Our quartz composite know-how is unsurpassed. But enough about the technical aspects. You’re envisaging stunning, highly sustainable kitchen worktops, stair, floor or wall applications. Which is why we have summarized the benefits of quartz composite for you in a nutshell. Tested by our experts and by nature!

Quartz composite in a range of colors

The Diresco color spectrum is as extensive as its pattern selection. Belgian Blue and the marbled Noblesse – developed by Belgian product designers – are the classics. The trendy Terrazzo design is also hugely popular. Not simply because it looks fantastic but also due to the unique production it undergoes: the coloured specks in the Terrazzo range actually derive from recycled quartz composite sheets from our in-house production process. The extensive colour spectrum of D-Quartz composite means there is something for every (outdoor) kitchen, and every floor, wall, stair or façade application. Which product line is making your eyes sparkle like quartz crystals? It’s time to delve into color!

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