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One of the many reasons that natural stone is so popular today in both residential and commercial installations is its durability and ease of maintenance. The stone you install today will stay beautiful and functional for generations – with very little maintenance.

General Maintenance Tips After Installation:  All stone will benefit by being sealed with an appropriate penetrating sealing product. With all natural stone products, we recommend the use of a stone maintenance program using an impregnating sealer and neutral cleaner. Harsh chemicals, especially acidic or alkaline products can cause damage to polished stones. Care should be taken in the selection of sealers, as some sealers may enhance the color of the stone. The Marble Institute of America has published a care and cleaning brochure that may be helpful. Please consult with an Sullivan Counter Tops representative for the proper sealers and cleaners for your application.

Marble / Limestone / Travertine:  
Marble, limestone and travertine are calcareous (calcium-based) stones.  Because they are more porous stones, some care should be taken when used in the kitchen as countertops.  After installation, seal with a penetrating stone sealer. Sealing will minimize any absorption of liquids that might stain the material. Polished marble, limestone and travertine can still, however, be damaged by acidic substances (such as vinegar, citrus drinks, mustard and catsup). These acids can dull a polished surface or roughen a honed finish if not wiped up promptly.  If necessary, clean with a stone cleaner, neutral Ph cleaner or mild dishwashing liquid. Never use abrasive cleansers, “soft scrub” products or harsh or acidic chemicals on any stone as these can scratch or dull the polished finish. A good rule of thumb is never to use anything on your stone that you wouldn’t use on your hands.  There are excellent stone-specific cleaning products available, including pH-neutral cleaners that are specifically formulated to be gentle to stone surfaces. Avoid cleaning products not specifically designed for marble, limestone or travertine.