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1189 65th Street Oakland, CA 94608

Vadara is quartz designed for modern living. With its superior practical qualities including extreme durability, Vadara surfaces are ideal for use in almost any interior application.

Vadara is Real Stone

Vadara Quartz is a surface material composed of up to 93% pure, natural quartz – one of the hardest minerals on earth. Vadara gives you natural stone style with quartz substance, and features superior performance because of Vadara’s strength and durability. It is nonporous, does not require sealing and best of all, it is virtually maintenance-free.


Vadara is a surfacing product that has a variety of uses in your home or business such as countertops, floor tile, vanities, wet bars, showers, and many more interior applications.


Our teams have traveled the world, literally leaving no stone unturned, to source an incomparable surface range. Every product has met Vadara’s unparalleled standards of beauty, quality, and durability, and has achieved a stringent safety and environmental certification.

Our high-quality, natural quartz is blended together with resins and pigments and then compacted into slabs using a high powered vacuum process. The slabs are then polished and inspected for any weaknesses or abnormalities. After they are shipped out, we put each slab through the ringer with unparalleled quality control to ensure that each product is up to the absolute highest standard. We don’t release any quartz surface until it has gone through state-of-the-art testing.

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