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1189 65th Street Oakland, CA 94608

EPIC is a special and exclusive ceramic that allows us to guarantee a wider choice, always in the pursuit of the great quality of our products.

experience innovation and quality

But EPIC also offers something more, goes one step further. The processing employed is the result of experience gained working with
natural stone and Epic shares the most advanced technologies with these materials, adapting the tools used to achieve stunning and innovative results. Our expertise, pioneering ceramics, and quality materials… Epic is dedicated to you.

The benefits that you will have as a result of your choice are not only quality and logistics: it is in fact possible to process this new material using the same machinery as natural stone, changing only the tools.
Our experience, innovation and quality, dedicated to you.

Epic® offers the unique natural texture of marble in a special ceramic that’s easy to use in any space, both public or private, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom facings, or spacious walls and floors, creating an interplay of both imagination and style.

Epic® is known for its main qualities:

  • easy to maintain
  • scratch-resistant
  • waterproof
  • resistant against acids
  • impact resistant
  • fire resistant

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