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Corian Solid Surface® Private Collection & Venaro Series Disclaimer

The Corian Solid Surface® Private Collection and Venaro Series, all have flowing, natural patterns. With each of these flowing colors the PATTERN IS VISIBLE ONLY ON THE SURFACE OF THE MATERIAL AND DOES NOT SHOW ON ANY SIDE OF THE MATERIAL. Sides of the material are found in the edge detail and at the cove. Because the pattern is not visible on the side of the material the edge detail and cove will appear lighter (in some cases white) than the counter and splash surfaces (see picture below). On the counter surface you will be able to see every place that the Corian Solid Surface® is seamed together. Seams are most commonly found when there is a large piece wider than 30″ or longer than 12 feet and when a counter turns a corner.

Shows veining problems at cove and butt areas