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Download Lifetime Limited Warranty (PDF)

Cambria provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original owners of the installed Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces™ (the “Product”) that the Product will be free from manufacturing defects for so long as the original owner owns the Product. Although the Product is carefully inspected prior to shipping or delivery, it is the responsibility of the Owner to thoroughly inspect the Product upon its receipt. Any damage to the Product thereafter is the responsibility of the Owner. Final inspection and approval of the installation is also the Owner’s sole responsibility.

This Limited Warranty shall apply only where Product is properly fabricated and installed for residential or commercial interior use only by Cambria approved Installers and Fabricators and only where Product, including floor tile, is properly installed for residential or commercial interior use only, subject to the exclusions set forth below; is used for its intended purpose, and is maintained and used strictly in accordance with the Cambria Product Care and Maintenance Information, specified within the Limited Warranty.