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The muted tones of limestone are perfect for today’s more casual and comfortable lifestyles. Generally these soft beiges and tans, either polished or honed, are appropriate for bathrooms, fireplaces, counters and less-traveled flooring where a more informal decor is desired.

Limestones are sedimentary rocks that are formed at the bottoms of lakes and seas, as silt and organic matter settle to the bottom. The organic matter may be plants and marine shells or skeletons, which are preserved as fossils and serve as a guide to the age of the stone. As more and more layers build up over thousands and millions of years, adding more and more weight, the heat and pressure cause chemical reactions to take place to lithify the sediments into solid stone.

Limestones range in hardness from 3-7 on the ten-point MOHS scale (diamonds are 10; granites are ±7), making it perfect for most areas of the home. Care does need to be taken, however when choosing material for a high-traffic area or kitchen countertops which might be subject to etching substances. Like any stone, limestone should be sealed with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains from penetrating into the stone. All stone is not alike. All stone suppliers are not alike.