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What is IceStone?
IceStone is not an engineered stone product. IceStone is a sustainable durable surface made with 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. IceStone surfaces are produced in slabs and come in a wide variety of colors. IceStone is the first and only surface to be certified on the Cradle to Cradle™ Gold level.
What can IceStone durable surfaces be used for?
IceStone durable surfaces are ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tabletops, flooring, bar tops, conference tables, windowsills.
Can IceStone surfaces be used for flooring?
IceStone measures a standard 1.25″ thickness which makes it suitable for new construction, but not for replacing most existing flooring materials which are generally thinner. Also, IceStone only manufactures slabs so a certified fabricator would need to cut the slabs into tiles for installation. IceStone has passed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for slip resistance. Contact your certified fabricator for details on flooring applications.
Can IceStone durable surfaces be used outdoors?
While some of our customers have successfully installed IceStone outside, IceStone does not recommend this usage, as harmful external factors may damage the surface.
What are the dimensions of an IceStone slab?
Each slab measures 52.5 inches wide, 96 inches long and 1.25 inches thick.
How much do IceStone durable surfaces weigh?
Each IceStone slab weighs 570 lbs, approximately 16.3 lbs. per square foot.
How is IceStone fabricated and installed?
IceStone durable surfaces are fabricated using standard stone cutting equipment. IceStone provides fabrication and installation guidelines to our distributor network and certified fabricators, that cover the quality and safety standards required when installing IceStone surfaces.
What finishes are available for IceStone durable surfaces?
IceStone surfaces are shipped out of Brooklyn with a high-gloss finish but slabs can be honed or sandblasted by a fabricator.
What edge details are possible with IceStone durable surfaces?
IceStone recommends using one of the following edge finishes: bullnose (half or full), pencil, eased, or platner. Your fabricator will be able to show you examples of each edge finish.
What does the NSF-51 symbol represent?
IceStone is dedicated to creating healthy products and is certified by NSF International for NSF/ANSI-51. This certification indicates that IceStone has been approved for use in splash zone applications in food-related establishments, such as decorative salad bars, cashier stations, tray counter areas, etc.
Can IceStone slabs be milled down to less than 1.25” thickness?
IceStone does not recommend reducing the manufactured thickness of 1.25”. All IceStone properties (compressive, flexural strength) are ASTM certified for standard 1.25” thickness and these properties can be affected by modifying the thickness of IceStone slab.
Where can I purchase IceStone products?
IceStone is distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can view a list of IceStone distributors and showrooms through our Showroom Locator on our website. Please call our customer service department at 718-624-4900 if you do not find a showroom in your area.
How much does IceStone cost?
IceStone has several price points and cost is dependent on color selection, size and scope of the project. Please contact a preferred showroom or fabricator in your area to obtain detailed pricing information. Also, always be sure IceStone is fabricated by one of our many certified fabricators. For special and volume pricing, please contact IceStone’s Customer Service Department directly at 718-624-4900.
Do IceStone surfaces need to be sealed?
Yes. Our fabricator network follows a recommended sealing process. Once the product is installed, we recommend monitoring the surface. If you notice water no longer beads up on it, then it is time to re-seal and wax the surface. We recommend all installations to be resealed 2-3 times a year.
What sealants are best to use on IceStone surfaces?
IceStone recommends using one of the following sealant products – Miracle 511 H2O Plus, Nano 1000 Sealer, Buddy Rhodes National Look Penetrating Sealer and Satin Sealer, Protex by Tenax, or Bulletproof by StoneTech Pro.
How do I care for my IceStone countertop?
IceStone is a manufactured high performance concrete surface composed of cement and recycled glass. Due to the fact that IceStone has a cement matrix, it is porous by nature, and is susceptible to etching and staining. Some popular products that may adversely affect IceStone are coffee, wine, colas, citric juices, oil and vinegar based products, harsh chemicals, bleach ammonia, and/or acid based cleaning products.

IceStone requires the application of a penetrating sealer in order to prevent the absorption of liquid stains. Acids can etch the cement in IceStone, so the application of a topical concrete wax is required. If these products come in contact with IceStone, please wipe up in a timely fashion.
What is Cradle to Cradle?
Bill McDonough and Michael Braungart founded McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) to change the way manufacturers do business.
Cradle to Cradle™ certifies our manufacturing process by analyzing our material health, material re-use, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social responsibility. Learn more at This certification represents our commitment to design products according to the highest standard of health and human safety.
How is Gold certification different from Silver certification?
IceStone is the first and only surface to achieve the Gold level of Cradle to Cradle certification. To achieve Gold level certification, a product must exceed Basic and Silver level standards and pass tests for the following:
NO problematic chemicals (assessed by MBDC as RED) in product
Plan for product recovery and closing the loop
Material Reutilization score >=65
Uses renewable energy for 50% of manufacturing (final assembly)
Complete an audit to characterize and quantify water use
Complete an audit of corporate social responsibility practices
Silver certification is achieved with fewer tests, and no social or water use audits. Additionally, Silver certified products might contain trace amounts of hazardous chemicals. To learn more, visit
What is a B Corporation?
B Corporations are a new group of purpose-driven companies that create benefit not only for shareholders, but also for employees, the community, and the environment. IceStone is proud to be one of the founding members of B Corp alongside such pioneers as Seventh Generation and New Leaf Paper. To learn more, visit