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I have been counseled regarding my choice of the DuPONT® CORIAN® color: _____________________ as the main material for my counter tops. I understand that this color will show dust, marks, scratches, etc. and because of this the tops may have imperfections on them when they arrive at my job site. I further acknowledge that this color was developed as an accent material, and was not intended for use as a main work surface and therefore requires maintenance beyond that of the lighter colors which Sullivan Counter Tops, Inc. recommends for normal and high use work surfaces.

____________________ color can be used as a work surface, but Sullivan Counter Tops, Inc. strongly advises against using this color in instances where imperfections and higher maintenance will be a concern.

I understand color choice, maintenance and surface imperfections from use are not covered by any written or implied warranties offered by Sullivan Counter Tops, Inc. or Dupont®.