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Zodiaq® Mystic Black

Zodiaq® is an easy to maintain quartz crystal surfacing product made by DuPont™. While it is similar looking to some kinds of natural stone, Zodiaq® can be a preferable alternative for a number of reasons:

  1. Zodiaq® is also non-porous.
  2. Zodiaq® is covered by a 10-year Installed Warranty.
  3. Zodiaq® does not require a sealer of any kind.
  4. Zodiaq® is much stronger than natural granite and will be less likely to break during the manufacture and installation process. Broken granite tops often cause long scheduling delays during the construction process. (Not to mention frustration over the lost “Perfect Slab”.)
  5. Zodiaq®’s color is consistent as well. When viewing a sample of a Zodiaq® color, one can expect the resulted product to have the same appearance.