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Tiger Mountain Innovations (TMI), is a leader in producing eco-friendly countertop and tile materials. Inspired by Mother Nature, our countertops are naturally beautiful, durable and timeless. With both of our product lines, Squak Mountain Stone and Trinity Glass Products, we aim to provide materials that give customers the look and feel of natural stone without generating a negative impact on our environment. Finally, the hand-crafted process that we use to make each slab creates warmth and character that is only found in the exquisite beauty of nature.

Squak Mountain Stone™

Squak Mountain Stone appeared in 2004 as an unconventional choice for countertops. It has weathered edges, a mottled façade and a tactile character that entices hands to caress its surface. Squak Mountain Stone still stands apart from traditional and new surfaces as something organic, aesthetic and truly unique. It has been used in residential kitchen and baths as well as commercially in Whole Foods, Starbucks and Fred Segal Green.

Trinity Glass Products™

Trinity is a line of products and collections that are the next generation in green surface materials. Again, these products have been designed to carefully and thoughtfully consider the entire lifecycle of the material by using ingredients in its composition that are symbiotic with the Earth’s natural renewal processes. The materials are elegant, visually stimulating but with the incredible strength and quality that is demanded from customers of countertop surfaces. And most beautiful of all: its low-carbon technology and mineral basis means its lifecycle doesn’t include one thousand years in a landfill but a natural assimilation back to the Earth’s crust.

Company History

Amee Quiriconi is the inventor of Squak Mountain Stone and the founder of Tiger Mountain Innovations. Amee’s inspiration for TMI was sparked in 2003 during a master’s degree assignment about creating healthy, local economies. The challenge for Amee was to create a theoretical product that would strengthen local economies, provide a social benefit to communities and be eco-friendly. Though Amee had submitted the master’s paper and received her degree, she continued to think about how she could make this concept work. So she set out with some lofty, but attainable objectives that became the basis for her product and company philosophy.

Ameé continued to grow her business, moving from her garage in early 2004 to the first of several industrial shops in Woodinville, Washington. Squak Mountain Stone continued to grow in its use and recognition, being mentioned consistently in national publications as one of the top “green” countertops in the country and Ameé was being recognized as a forward-thinker in product design as well as an innovator in business development.

In November of 2008, Ameé was approached by a Seattle-based company that had spent the last year and a half developing an alternative slab material and had set-up a top of the line facility, ready for full-scale production. It was found that the new partners shared many ideas with Ameé ranging from the futures they saw for their respective companies to a deep dedication to being a part of a values-driven company with products and services that match mutual commitments of environmental and social responsibility. The new partners had a well developed product and a production facility ready for the next step and Ameé had demonstrated her ability to grow a product from a “garage idea” to market over the last 5 years. It was decided that the two companies would combine and Ameé would continue to preside over the new venture, which also decided to keep the Tiger Mountain Innovations name.

Squak Mountain Stone and Trinity are both manufactured in the Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown and can be found at Sullivan Counter Tops.

Click here for the Trinity product sheet (PDF)